Important vitamins to look for in wrinkle creams

Wrinkle creams have become an important part if the fight against signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles as well as many others. It is important to know that in the list if ingredients of many of them you will find vitamins. The importance of vitamins in wrinkle creams is that they are actually what determine the effectiveness of one wrinkle cream over another. This is what makes the difference between which wrinkle creams will be used for preventive purposes and which will be used to diminish wrinkles that have already surfaced.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A and all its derivatives are effective as a way of laminating wrinkles. A good number of vitamin A derivatives are actually used in a number of prescription wrinkle creams and you will also find them in OTC wrinkle creams but in their milder forms. These derivatives which are known as Retinols are known to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells as well as exfoliation of damaged ones and therefore revealing a brand new skin. When using vitamin A derivatives you also need to use sun protection because they make the skin more sensitive to UV rays.

Vitamin C

Vitamins in wrinkle creams

The other common ingredient in many wrinkle creams is vitamin C which is known to be a powerful antioxidant. This vitamin is also known to be an important promoter of collagen production which is the connective tissue of the skin that helps to keep it elastic and supple. The other important role that vitamin C plays in wrinkle creams, is keeping the skin younger.  This happens because it removes the dryer layers and giving room to newer cells to generate. Since vitamin C is known to be an unstable vitamin you must check the expiry date of wrinkle creams that have it otherwise it will have lost its efficacy.

Vitamin E

Most anti wrinkle creams with antioxidant properties will more often than not contain vitamin E. vitamin E will actually protect the skin from free radicals that damage our skin when left to take control in our bodies. The other important function of vitamin E in wrinkle creams is moisturizing and softening the skin.

The B vitamins

There are several of the B vitamins that are also important components of wrinkle creams and especially vitamins B3 and B5. Vitamin B5 is a moisturizer which is considered to be gentler than vitamin E and will therefore work to sooth and moisturize your skin. Vitamin B3, which is also known as niacin assists the skin to maintain its moisture content as well as working as an exfoliating agent making  person retain a youthful skin for much longer.


It is apparent that vitamins in wrinkle creams make the entire difference because they act as exfoliation agents, moisturizers as well as antioxidants. Make sure you know these facts therefore when choosing your anti wrinkle creams so that you get the results you really desire.

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